Activity in Lambeth


A program of free workshops, demonstrations/conversations, exhibitions and public events is being drawn up to involve as many people as possible in the celebration of new public sculpture in Lambeth.

Creative learning projects (colaborative drawings, sculptures, lanterns) happened in local schools through Spring 2009, looking at historical treasures, making processes, and art in general.

We plan to exhibit work produced by Lambeth children online, as well as in nearby venues, as a way of starting to think about how local art and design will be displayed permanently at White Hart Dock.

If you’d like us to contact you with conformation of dates of events, send us an email at ….. if you leave your mobile number we can also text you the day before as a reminder.

Location map, Lambeth

There will be a celebratory openning event/unique fire show to formally introduce the new sculptures to the community, taking place in and around the dock itself (Albert Embankment, Lambeth). You can say you’re interested here, contact us at to stay informed, or check back here for times and dates.


2 Responses to “Activity in Lambeth”

  1. Antonio Says:

    It`s a very good plan, I like it.
    Please keep me up to date when the events/celebration will start.



    Antonio M.

  2. Mark Says:

    Site looks good – also good to see the design for WHD evolve to accomodate feedback. As chair of the residents association for the 68 key worker and rented flats within the building could you keep me informed of developments / events – the fire show sounds great and it would be good to assist to ensure residents know its going on etc.
    Saw the cleaned walls through a gap in the plastic hoardings. Wow what a difference!

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