We took some photos of how the dock on Albert Embankment looked at the end of 2008.

The dock itself has been derelict/unused for over 50 years. It is 60m in length, and averages about 6m across, with the floor surface sloping from Black Prince Road level down around 3m to the silt and mud of the River Thames. The dock is inaccessible. The flood gates at the North end are closed and locked, the perimeter of the site is a 1.5m-2m high concrete/stone/brickwork wall. Two tunnels from the bottom of the dock to the Thames, running under Albert Embankment, are obstructed by a moored grounded/floating restaurant.


Looking North at the derelict dock

Royal Doulton listed corner

The ornamental entrance to the Doulton building, Black Prince Road.

Looking South down Albert Embankment

Royal Doulton tiles


Royal Doulton tiles

Vital¬†local history, and part of the dock’s story.

Looking East from the riverbank

Looking South at the gates of the dock