Making (18)


One of the Boat Seats, under construction in Sheffield

Testing the Fine Boat SeatHuman scale

Making (17)


Making the second and third archesThe legs of the first arch, peggedThe top of the first arch, pegged

Making (16)


Boat Seat - SkiffSeat Boat - FineMore UK FSC timber

We’re nearing the end of the planning process, and we’re well under way with constructing and fabricating all the component parts of the artwork in our Sheffield workshop. We’re on to Arch C (3 of 6), and have one Skiff, nearly two upright Boat Seats finished, one more upright Boat Seat started and the keel for the final Skiff made.

Icons - Fine

Towards the end of August, we plan to start on the Timber Bones (for the bottom of the dock) and the two final Grounded Boats (at pavement level).

The sister site for this White Hart Dock Public Art & Community Engagement Project blog can be found at its new homeĀ here. It documents the creative learning projects done with local primary schools, has archive information on local issues and topics, and has loads of great photos of things that have been produced so far.


Thanks for everyone’s imput into this phase of the project.


Etched boat

The inner face of the Dock Boat (our first Skiff) is slowly filling up with patterns, marks, doodles and letters. People are being invited to carve and draw from inside the boat, whether it be in Lambeth or Yorkshire. This boat will end up floating around White Hart Dock as part of the artwork.